Why Choose Venkat Center Bangalore for your hair transplant?

Why Choose Venkat Center Bangalore for your hair transplantation? Here are some points to consider.

No Shadow Doctors

  • You will be operated by either Dr. Venkataram or Dr. Aniketh. Both of them are the best at Venkat Center Bangalore.
  • They are personally involved in every case.
  • There are very few Hair Transplant surgeons of Dr. Venkat’s eminence in India. He is the author of the Standard Guidelines on this Subject along with a comprehensive textbook on Hair Transplantation.
  • They will be present throughout your tenure of surgery.

Legacy of care

  • One of the oldest, most experienced, and most reliable centers in India, with over 3,000 hair transplants within its walls from Bangalore, India and abroad.
  • Our Operation theatre is on par with World-Class Hair Transplant centers all around the world.
  • Very quick implantation with little out of body time for the grafts. Never more than 45 minutes.
  • Presence of an anesthetist, one of the few centers in India to have this facility.
  • Our in-house assistants, nurses, and other helpers have all been trained along with our doctors, by systematic training. We don’t import assistants.

Constant Care

  • Providing post-operative care for up to a year after surgery.
  • Using all modalities for the benefit of the patient. We plan not just for this Hair Transplantation, but also for the future.


  • We observe transparency in depicting the number of grafts performed.
  • During the surgery, we demonstrate how the counting is done.
  • After the surgery, we document the count of grafts in the discharge summary, one of the very few centers in India to do this. We show you the number of grafts in each category, the number of hairs in discharge slip, and mention grafts, units, and hair separately.
  • The charges include trichophytic closure and free consultation for one year after surgery.
  • Please remember that we charge per unit and follicles, not by area.

Ethical Hair Transplantation at Venkat Center Bangalore

  • Using all modalities of treatment for retaining and thickening existing hairs so that the final results become even better, and the second transplant can be prevented or delayed.
  • Relying only on scientifically proven treatments – if the evidence is minimal(such as laser comb) or if the treatment is new(such as platelet-rich plasma), we always mention this to the patient.
  • We refuse to perform unapproved or banned treatments (such as mesotherapy, stem cells, and artificial hairs) even if the patient asks for it.

Assistance for the low-income groups

  • We provide assistance for poor patients under a special package where we perform one procedure a week at 20% discount on our rates. You may choose to book at this rate; however, this has a much longer waiting list.
  • We also provide a similar discount to those patients who are willing to undergo surgery with very short notice of 1-2 days in case of cancellations. Those who want still more discounts, we try to accommodate them during our training workshops- however, this means that you will be partly operated by doctors who come for training, but under supervision of Dr. Venkat and Dr. Aniketh.
  • We run a clinic called Shraddah every day between 8:30-9:30 AM at ₹50 for consultation- over 15,000 patients have been seen in this way.

Constant Improvement

  • We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve with respect to Hair Transplantation.
  • Both Dr. Venkat, and Dr. Aniketh attend conferences across the world to participate, learn, and keep up with trends in this field.
  • We adopt those practices which pass our inspection, and use it for the benefit of our patients.

Venkat Center: Beauty and Health, effectively and ethically

Updated on 24 june 2019